Friday, 23 March 2012

Text and Stroke in Gradient Color in CorelDraw

I have a font problem because I can not make it bold with bold option so I manually applying stroke on it but the main problem is, I want text and stroke in Gradient color.
I was confused how to do it, how to convert the text stroke into gradient color. I did it with CTRL+K, but that was not good. It was separating stroke and text. Then I tried some other keys like CTRL+Q. But there was also some problems. After working HALF AN HOUR I got the perfect ways to do it. If you also want to do just read this article....

  • Here we are taking a font which do not have BOLD option like; Kruti Dev 010, Hindi Fonts, etc..
  • We write some text on my document with TEXT TOOL.
  • Then, to make it bold we apply some stroke on it. (Apply how bold you want this text.) Press F12 and edit outline properties.

  • Then Select the text and press CTRL+SHIFT+Q. To break the text into OBJECT FORM.

  • Now again select the text and it's stroke (Both) and Click on WELD Option as shown in the image below.

  • This is done. Now, your object is done, you can edit it how you want.
  • Here I am repeating the all steps...
    Select then Ctrl+Shift+Q > Select then WELD > Hurray!!! It is DONE.

If you have any problem doing this please write in comment option. I will help you as much I can. Thanks for your time... 


  1. When I work with Hindi Font and if I want to add some text in English. I have to change it from Taskbar. Is there any shortcut for this?

    1. For that you need to copy both hindi and english letter like: Aअ, copy both the letters now when you want to write in Hindi just paste it and Delete A and Select अ, now start writing all the font settings will work. I hope you got that. If don't just tell me, I will upload a video.

  2. You need to press toggle button that is Alt + Tab by doing this your keyboard will change to English and repeat same for next time...