Monday, 26 March 2012

Free On-Screen Keyboard for Windows 7 & XP

There are two different ways to have a ON SCREEN KEYBOARD on your Windows or MAC. One is your Windows gadget which you can find here >>>

On-Screen Keyboard:

Start > All Programs > Accessories > Ease of Access > On-Screen Keyboard
You can change the font and font size of this keyboard how you want. If you want to type in Marathi you can change it's font to Marathi Font. Same for other languages. This keyboard is available in Windows XP, 7 and Vista too.

Manual Keyboard:

If your On-screen Keyboard do not work then there is another way to work with On-screen keyboard, but this is manually. We need to download the Keyboard Layout from Internet. Like, if we want to type in Spanish Language then we search Spanish Keyboard Layout on Internet and find a Layout with good resolution. We download it.
After downloading we open another window where we want to type or practice. And we also open this keyboard. We open both windows in Stacked Mode. Then we start to typing. There can not be all the keys you want. Then go to Character Map and find other characters of the font.

Free Advise:

>>> If you do not have keyboard or your keyboard's any key does not work then you can take advantage of this.
>>> If you do not find any character on the keyboard you can take help of Character Map.
>>> Working with On-screen Keyboard can take some time. But you will be fluent if you work on this more than 2 hours. Your fingers will automatically go on the right buttons after some time practice.
>>> Please make sure that the fingers you are using for every button should be right. Because the keyboard is designed to help you to make fast. If you do not follow fingers instructions then you will never be fast on keyboard. Please take help of Finger Tutorials from Youtube or Google Image Search.
>>>  If you are new typist then take a newspaper, book, etc. to start the typing. Just open a New Word Document and start typing.

If you have any problem with On-Screen Keyboard or with any font. Or you do not find any character just write it on the comment option. I am waiting to help you.. Thanks....

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