Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Master Page Items in CorelDraw

This is a quick tutorial about Master Page Items in CorelDraw X4 X3 X2 11 & 12. If you use this information you can create layouts for books or any multi-page document in CorelDraw, using this trick YOU CAN SAVE YOUR TIME.


When creating layout for a books or magazines, we have some master objects which will apply on each and every page on the same place as, headers, footers, pagination, logos, etc.. Here with Corel, we can make it possible after creating master layer, same like InDesign and Quark Express. See, video to know that how can we create Master Layer.



  1. Go to TOOLS then OBJECT MANAGER (as shown in the image below...)
  2. You will see a new window on the right side of your document.
  3. Now click on NEW MASTER LAYER (see image below)
  4. Rename the Layer as you want. 
  5. Now paste your items or objects which you want on every page on same position. 
  6. Now Deselect the Master Layer and work on your pages.
  7. Now click on the Page Layer (1, 2, 3, 4....)

Start working.. after doing this when you add some pages in your document. You see your layout is available on every page. Use this in book layouting, advertisement matterials, etc.. as you want.

Free Advise:

>>> Sometimes we have a problem in CorelDraw. When we click on next page our Desktop documents do not show. Each and every page have it's different Desktop objects for that problem, we need to work with Desktop Layer on Master Page and our problem will be solved..

Please tell me how much of your time have been saved by doing this.. If you have any problem doing this please write in comment option. I will waiting for your comment. Thanks...


  1. I cannot type over objects on the Master Layer. Everything on the page layer is BEHIND the objects on the Master Layer. What am I missing - Thanks

  2. See the second image of post there is Master Page Functions (Guides, Desktop and Grid) and three icons of
    Eye for View or Hide
    Printer Icon
    Pencil for Edit

    You need to enable Pencil for Editing function. Your problem will be solved.