Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Path Corel to Illustrator to InDesign for Drawing Objects

Most of the Graphic Designer do not use PATH in their work. Graphic Design who use this is a SMART DESIGNER. It save lots of our time. like;

  • If we want to create any critical shape in InDesign which is more easy to create in CorelDraw. Smart Artist create that in CorelDraw create path to InDesign.
  • Sometime if you want to draw something which is more easy in Illustrator. Smart Artists do that in Illustrator and give path to Photoshop.
  • There are lot of things to do with path. These are just two examples.

In this tutorial I am not going to explain you what is path, you can find it on other websites. I will explain you what is the best use of it. To know how to create path check this tutorial.

CorelDraw to >>> InDesign | Illustrator | Photoshop

When we create any shape or drawing in CorelDraw and want to open it in InDesign, Illustrator or Photoshop. We need to change it's Save Type. We Save the document in AI Mode (Adobe Illustrator Mode).
Then we can open it to Illustrator. In Illustrator we copy the lines directly and paste it in InDesign. Same for Photoshop.
Tip: First of all we need to open that AI file in Illustrator then we can open with other softwares.

Illustrator to >>> Photoshop

When we do Digital Coloring in Photoshop, we have to do it's digital inking in Illustrator. After finishing the inking process we copy the inkings and paste directly to Photoshop. There we see 4-5 options to paste he artwork. We use Path if we want to apply and modified brush of Photoshop.
Tip: After pasting the path, just Press B (Brush Tool) and select color and size of brush and press Enter. Enjoy this.

There are more other use of this Path. Smart artists use this function for saving their time and to work with Multisoftwares for Creative Designs. Tell me how did you used it. I will be waiting for your comments.
Thanks for your time...


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