Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Pick tool for Color Recognition

Color Recognition

In this tutorials you will know that how to recognize the colors. There is big problem for DTP operators to recognize the colors. If someone ask them to design a cover in Dark Purple color. If you do not know what is purple color then do not waste your time. Just read this article and you will never have this problem ever.

Just go search engine and type DARK PURPLE COLOR, now click on images. You will get the lot of purple colors. Select one image which seems exact. Copy that and paste in CorelDraw. Now, select the Color Pick tool and click on it and Drop the color where you want to fill it.

Now your color is ready. But there is one problem, when you do this your color property changes to RGB. To resolve this click on the object and go to color edit palate. Change it’s palate to CMYK. It is done now. You have created a object/cover with DARK PURPLE COLOR with the help of internet.

For next time, you do not need to go Explorer because now you know the property of color. Now you can create this color with the help of Corel Color Swatches. You can do this same in In-Design, Photoshop, Illustrator or any software related to design. I hope now you are ready to design your job in any color what you client want.

Quick Tips: Go to Explorer > Type the name of Color > Click on Images > Copy and Paste Image in CorelDraw > Select Color Pick tool > Pick the Color and Drop it on the Object > You’re Done…

I know that DTP Operators want to be a Graphic Designer. In this series of tutorials (Corel Creative), I will create tutorials for DTP Operators to become a creative designer. Please write if you have any question in your mind. I will solve it for you for me.

Thanks for your time…

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