Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Powerclip for Creative Design

Using Pen Tool with Powerclip:

In this tutorials you will know to create interesting and creative designs in CorelDraw. Here we will know about the Two more important Tools of Design; Pen Tool and Power-Clip. First we will describe about these tools.

Pen Tool:
This tool is very important tool of design. This tools is available in every software related to design. With the help of this tools you can create anything what you want. You can trace the images, you can create vector design and more.
In CorelDraw you can find this tool here, please check in the image below.

Power Clip:
Power Clip is very creative tool in CorelDraw. With the help of PowerClip you can create very creative vectors and shapes.
The use of this tool is more like masking on Photoshop and clipping path in illustrator. With this we can put a design in another design. There is lot of use of PowerClip I will explain later.
In CorelDraw you will find this in Effects > Power Clip.

To design a cover background with the help of these tools first we create a box. Then create another shape and powerclip that in the first box. Then go inside and design it. We can use too many object in powerclipped box and create other powerclip inside of it. Here I have created a very interesting effect with PowerClip click here to have a look.

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