Monday, 30 April 2012

Mesh Tool for Creative Design

Using Mesh Tool for Rich Background Colors

Background Color of any design is the most important part. When we choose any color we need to research more and more. Here I am telling you about the interesting thing that HOW TO CREATE CREATIVE BACKGROUNDS IN CorelDraw.

First of all you need to do Page Setup, including; page size, margin, bleed, etc..

Now double click on the Rectangle Tool to create a box on your page.

Fill any solid color which you want to fill in your background.

Now click on the Interactive Mesh Fill Tool (M). It will convert the box in a grid-view.

Using Mesh Tool drag your mouse to select the part which you want to color.

Now change the color of selected part of your background. You can use Ctrl + Swatch Dark and Bright to working on same color family.

In this image there are two different boxes, One is solid and other is created with the help of mesh tool. Please see the difference.

Free Advise:

  • Do not mix too many colors in backgound just give a rich color and mix light and dark with Mesh Tool.
  • Always work in same color family if you are working for any professional design.
  • You can use pen tool to edit the Mesh Area.
  • You can not powerclip in the Mesh Background for that you need to create another box and powerclip Mesh Background in it.
If you have any problem using Mesh Tool please contact me or write in the comment option. I am waiting for your comments...

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