Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Drawing Illustrator CS4 CS5 to InDesign CS4 CS5

How to import Illustrator drawing, vector, illustration, objects, design, typography, etc. in InDesign program.  When we complete any drawing in AI using different effects and tools after that we need to import that stuff in InDesign. Read the full article to know more...

If you want to edit the object, you want to change the outline color, size and style. Or you want to change the color of object. You just need to import the artwork in InDesign and then click with the Direct Selection Tool (A) on it. Now break apart the object and change it as you want. First you need to know how can we import the object from AI to ID. To know that read the full post.

There are two different ways to import an AI file to ID.

Method 01#

You need to save the document and then go to InDesign and press Ctrl+D (import command). Now select the file which you want to import and edit as you want.

Method 02#

In this method we just copy the artwork or illustration and paste it in InDesign. The object will be direct editable in InDesign. Click on the object with Direct Selection Tool and change it how you want.

Changing the color to Gradient Mode
If you want to change the fill color to Gradient Mode. You need to follow these steps.

Step 01#
Click on the object with Direct Selection Tool.

Now select the Gradient Tool.
Open the Gradient and Swatches windows panel.

Now change the color as you want.

See image below for reference.

It is done. You can edit the Gradient as you want. You can rotate and can change the opacity of colors. If you have any problem doing this you can write your problem in comment option. I am always available for your help. Thanks for your time.

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