Friday, 11 May 2012

Copied Text Overflow in InDesign

While doing formatting in InDesign, when we copy some text from A file and paste it in B file, the text overflow. It is the big problem in InDesign. If you want to know the solution please read the article...

It happens because A file's character and paragraph styles does not match with B file. I hope you know about Character Style and Paragraph Style.

Character Style in InDesign
This is a very good feature of InDesign that we can create style for characters and when we do formatting we can apply this style to any character without changing paragraph properties. Just check the Text Options of the software and you will get this options.

Paragraph Style in InDesign
This is also same like character but with this you can handle very tough job easily. You can use hundreds of styles in a single file. Find this option in Text bar.

  • Before pasting the text we should check the styles of both files. If the style's names are same, we need to change them. If not then we need to import the B file's styles in A file. 
  • For that we need to click on the options of Character Style or Paragraph Style
  • and then click to Load All Text Styles...
  • after that we need to select the file which style we want to import
  • then press OK
  • and it will DONE

Please check the image for reference
Thanks for your time, if you have any problem doing this then please write in comment option, I am waiting for your comment.

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