Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Working on Microsoft LocStudio Tutorial

When we start to working with LocStudio. We need to follow some steps, here in this tutorial we will help you to know:
  • „„How to install filter in LocStudio Software.
  • „„How to apply filter in LocStudio Files.
  • „„How to start working on LocStudio Files.

First of all we have to install the filters in LocStudio Software. Follow these steps to installing the filters.

  1. „„Before installing the filters please make sure LocStudio is not open.
  2. „„Copy the filter file (.lsf) to the folder C:\%ProgramFiles%\LocStudio\filters.
  3. „„Now start LocStudio Software.

Step 1#

Open the File.

Step 2#

Go to Software and then click to Open Translation. You can also press F4 for this step. See image below.

Step 2: Opening the Translation

Your translation file will show to you. To applying the filter follow next steps…

Step 3#

On the left window there is Filter Options.
Click on the Filter to expand. Expand it as shown in the image below.

Expanding the Filter Options in LocStudio
  • Filters
  • „„>> LocStudio Filters
  • „„>>>>User Filters
  • „„>>>>>>To apply Right-Click and Click on Apply Filter. See image for reference.
Applying Filter in LocStudio

Now you can start the translation. If you have any problem doing that you can contant us. We will be great to help you.

Thanks for your time…

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