Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Filters in Microsoft Locstudio

Microsoft Locstudio is preferred for Windows Localisation. In this article you will know about Filters in MS Locstudio. You will know:

  • What is filter?
  • How they work?
  • Can we create our own filter?
  • How to edit a filer?
Filter in Locstudio is same like the filter in MS Excel. There is not any different between both. You can select anything to work or can hide what you do not work on.
In translation when a client share any project then he/she always gives filters to Project Manger or translator. In that he/she do hide some part of source that is not for translation. Same you can do with excel. But there is one difference between LocStudio and Excel that excel don't have TM (Translation Memory) but Locstudio have.

WHAT IS FILTER: Filter in Locstudio is same as filter work in Excel. You can hide repetition or any part of source which is not for translation.
HOW THEY WORK: We install the filter in Locstudio and then apply them on source. They automatically change the source and translation file and make it ready for translation.
CAN WE CREATE OUR OWN FILTER: Yes, absolutely we can create. For that we need to customize our translation window and then save these settings as filter.
HOW TO EDIT A FILTER: You can easily edit a filter in Locstudio.

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