Thursday, 19 July 2012

MS Word Manual Page Numbering

If you want to start page numbering from page 2, and want 2 on second page then you need to create a different page section and need to change page numbering format. To know more read this article...

For MS Word 2003 :

Go to Insert bar and click on Page Numbers
Change the alignment of Page Number
Unclick to Show number on first page

Now, click on Format Option
Change here start at for 2 or 3, anything you want to start.
You can also continuous numbering from page one.

Change the settings and see the result. Set it as you want. I hope you are done.

For MS Word 2007 & 2010:

Go to Page Layout and open the options.
Now, change the Left-bottom option and start your page numbering as you want.
You need to divide your document in sections if you want a different page number starting in a single document.

If you have any problem doing this then contact me for assistance. Thanks for your time.

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