Sunday, 15 July 2012

Importing Files in CorelDraw

We can import any files and objects like; .doc, .psd, .jpeg, .png, .tiff, .ai, .txt, .etc... in Corel. For that we need to follow some steps:::
To import any thing in Corel we need to Press import command that is Ctrl+I (Control + Import). Now we need to browse the file. Select the file and open it.
There are different types of files where we need to do some setting while importing, here in this post i'm describing most usable formats...

Importing a .txt and .doc file

We can import a multi-pages word document in corel draw with styles and formatting. We just need to do some setting for that. We need to maintain the styles and font and formatting while importing the document.


Importing a .pdf file

Click ctrl+I to open Import. Now, select your file and click import. Import PDF window will show to you, there you need to do some changes.
(Sometimes we have a pdf file and want to change few text or edit objects on it. This is the better way to open that in Corel and do the changes.)
Import Text as: There are two option if you select the Text then you can edit the text or if you choose Curve the whole text would be curved and you can not edit that.
Pages Selection: If you want to import any selected single page then you can type in second option (Select Pages) or if you want to open all publication then select all pages.


Importing an .EPS file

While importing an .eps file in Corel we need to do some settings on Import EPS Window and that is given below:
Change Import Options to:
Import as Editable
Import Text as Curve
Don't need to change else.
Now press OK.


Importing an AutoCAD File

You can also import a CAD file in Corel for that you need to do:
3D Projection : Top
Units : Metric, 1unit = 1mm
Scaling: 1:100
Then press OK.

This support is not familiar with beginners, but it will help them in future. If you know anything to add here which can help the DTPiers to work smartly with CorelDraw you can write in comment option. I'm waiting for your valuable feedback. 
Thanks for your time. Read next to know more about Corel.

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