Thursday, 16 August 2012

Exporting PDF using Distiller

Creating a PDF with Distiller is very easy job. We have to export EPS files from CorelDraw then using Distiller we convert it to PDF and after that we use Adobe Acrobat to combine all PDFs.

Here we are explain that how to export EPS in CorelDraw.

So, you have finished formatting and designing of your multi-pages document and want to create PDF for Print.
Step 01:
First we need to export EPS for that we press Ctrl+E (Export Short-key) or we can export using File > Export.
Step 02:
Give a proper File Name
Change Save as Type to EPS (Encapsulated Post Script File)
Click to Export button
Step 03:
In General Panel, Change Compatibility to Postscript 3
Go to Advanced Panel
Check Bleed Limit and Crop Marks
Now Press OK button
It will export separate EPS for each page . Your EPS files are ready to convert in PDF. Now we use Adobe Distiller to convert EPS to PDFs. Open your Distiller, here I’m using Distiller 8.

How to Convert EPS files into PDF using Adobe Distiller

Step 01:
Change Default Settings to High Quality Print
Step 02:
Drag your files and Drop them in Blank White Box to convert in PDF
It will take time so please keep patience
It will create separate PDF Document for each EPS in the same folder
Now your files are ready, you just need to combine all into one or as required by the printer. To combine files we just delete all EPS.

How to Combine PDF Document in single File using Adobe Acrobat

Step 01:
Select all PDF files using Ctrl+A, now Press Right Click on your mouse and select Combine Supported Files in Adobe Acrobat option.
Step 02:
Order the files as you want and press Next button using default settings
Step 03:
Now Press Create button
Save your file where you want and give it to a proper name…
Your file is ready now, if you have any problem doing this, you can contact me on +0091 9953522230 or mail me at, I’ll be happy to help you.

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