Thursday, 16 August 2012

Object Drawing in CorelDraw

CorelDraw is best to design objects like diagrams for medical books, vector illustration and typography design. In this tutorial we will know basic of object design. Here we will explain;
·         How to draw a Rectangle with Rounded Corner
·         How to curve and edit an Object
·         How to draw Arrow and other Symbols

There are lot of options to drawing in CorelDraw. First of all we will explain Rectangle.
To draw a Rectangle we use Rectangle Tool (show below in image).

Rectangle Tool

Pick Tool
Shape Tool
Drawing a Rounded Corner Rectangle in CorelDraw
Step 01:
Select the Rectangle tool.
Now click and drag as you want and where you want to draw rectangle.
OK, you have drawn your rectangle, now want to change it’s corner to rounded.
There are two options to do it.
Step 02:
Click on rectangle with Pick Tool.
Now select Pick Tool and click on the corners of Rectangle.
And drag your mouse left to right.
You will see rounded corner rectangle.
Adjust how you want the corners and it’s done.
Step 03:
There is one more option for rounded corner rectangle.
Select the rectangle with Pick Tool and change options given in image below.

Options for Rounded Corner Object
By this option you can give a different rounded scale to each corner.
Practice again and again with this and you will understand it deeply.

Converting to curve an object
Simply select the object with Pick Tool and Press Ctrl+Q (shortkey for curve).
It will convert your rectangle or any other object to curve.
Now you can edit this object with Shape tool and transform it as you want.

Drawing Stylized Arrow in CorelDraw
Click on the Arrow Shapes tool and select option as shown in image below.

Now you will see a palate on the top your page as shown in image below.

Select any better one and draw and enjoy.

There are lot of options for drawing like;
·         Polygen
·         Star
·         Complex Star
·         Graph Paper
·         Spiral

Try each option and practice a lot. If you have any problem using any tool then share it in comment option and I will let you know how to resolve it. You can also ask any question just put your question in comment option and I will answer you soon.

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