Friday, 17 August 2012

Use Duplicate Option in CorelDraw

Duplicate option is the main feature of CorelDraw and a unique tool to design creative vector shapes. Here we will show you how you can use this tool.

How to use Duplicate Tool to create duplicates in order:
Step 01:
Create any object with Shape Tool

Color it as you want, I have colored it light blue

Step 02:
Now we have three different options to create it’s duplicate.
We just need to select the Elipse and press + button on keyboard. It will create a duplicate of the Elipse.
Step 03:
Now press Right Arrow Button and give it a proper position next to first Elipse.

Step 04:
Now press Ctrl+D (Duplicate Shortkey). Press this key as much objects you want to create in same order. Now do it as you want and you can do it with any shape or any object in CorelDraw. Here I have created a design using Duplicate Tool.
So, here we have found that we can create Duplicate using two options first is to press + button on keyboard and second with short-key Ctrl+D.

There are lot of things you can do with this option. For Step 03 we have one more option. We can also use mouse to give a placement to second elipse. On that time we need to press Shift key, if we want it in parallel. We can also do it without pressing + button for duplication. Just Left click on the Elipse and drag it with mouse, do not hold it. When you hold the Elipse at that time press Right Click on your mouse. It will create a copy of Elipse and now you just need to press Ctrl+D for creating series of objects.
Practice on different shapes and objects and you will know a beautiful function of CorelDraw. Share with me how you have used it. I am waiting for your comments.

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