Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Formatting Styles in MS Word

It saves lots of time when we use STYLES in formatting with MS Word, CorelDraw, InDesign, Pagemaker, Quark Express or any other DTP software. When we format any document whether it is book, magazine or any other material containing lot of text in it. We have to format it with the consistency and to maintain that we need to create a template document. In this document we set up styles for heading, bodytext, bullet-styles, header, footer and for pagination too. We save it and use in all the chapters, lessons or parts etc..

Here in MS Word we can create a style simply with this toolbar option showing in the image below.
Just change your text as you want and click on style option button and then click on the save style button as shown in image 2.

Give a proper name to the style and click on ok button.
You can modify your style anytime when you want. For that just Right Click on the Style you want to edit and then click on modify button as shown in image 3.

You can also import styles from a different file in Word for that just follow these steps…
Click on the button shown in image below.

Now click on manage styles button as shown in image below.
  • In Manage Styles window click on the Import/Export button.
  • Then click on choose file button…
  • Then click on open file button…
Now select the file you want to import styles and select the styles you want to import…
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