Thursday, 6 September 2012

Working with Translation Workspace XLIFF Editor

Open the file with double click on it.

Click the close on the first windows (Now it will be like Image 2)

Change the font as per your language from View > Document view > Fonts (it will change the document font)

Now change the Working string font as well from View > Segment View > Font (It will change the opened segment font view.
Document View

Segment View

While doing the above 2 steps, you will find the window as given below. Where you need to choose your font. You can choose the font size as weill.

Now you are ready to translate the file.

Below are the login procedure.
Click on the Not Connected Menu (Red circled in the image)

It will ask for User ID and password

User ID: ********
Password: ********

Tenants: ********

Then Press OK

Now choose the TM to be used for the translation and Press Ok.

Now choose the language pair and press OK

Now you are connected to the TM.
Let’s move towards the working segments.
Press ALT + HOME
Once you complete the translation Press ALT + +
You will move to the next segment. Please follow the same till the document gets complete.

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  1. how do you analyze(make word count) this file?