Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Real Estate Technical Terms

Working with real estate is wonderful where you get the chance to design better homes for better peoples. I am Sumit Pundeer working with a Real Estate Company as a Graphic Designer. Today, I want to explain some terms for the peoples who are looking for a home. Each and every brochure is looks better then others but the building specifications and other amenities in written forms are not explained some times. We also don't get enough time to understand what the builder giving to us. So, today I am explaining about some terms for building specifications. Please give your feedback for making post more better.
  1. Emulsion Paint - Emulsion paint is water based with some additives to make it more durable, but it can usually be scrubbed off with water and detergent. There is one more type of paint that is Enamel paint. Enamel paint is solvent based and permanent and can only be removed with a solvent. Use emulsion to cover large surfaces cheaply and where you may want to change the colour - use enamel paint (which is very much more expensive) where you want a permanent hard finish.
  2. UPVC Windows - Windows made with Poly Vinyl Chloride is called UPVC Windows. UPVC is windows are in demand today for its weather proof quality. These windows available in different colors and styles.
  3. PLC - Preference Location Charges, when buying a home the builder can charge for your home's antique location like, Park Facing, Pool Facing and for other views too.
  4. IFMS - Interest Free Maintenance Security Charges is called IFMS charges. It is for your home's security. Builders charge it for security maintenance and sometime it is refundable.