Sunday, 23 March 2014

Creating Icons with CorelDraw in Just 20 Seconds!!!

Vector icons make your design more classy. Tracing the icons takes too much time so we use Automatic Tracing Technique of Corel. Here in this tutorial you will know how to use Automatic tracing method to creating icons so fast.

Here I am creating a location map for a real estate project of Dehradun. Here I have used many of icons for Clock Tower, Hospital, Mandir, College, Banks, Shopping Malls, etc.. It does not take time to create these kinds of simple icons. Just download the image and trace it and then use Back Minus Font Technique of Corel. Read the steps below:

I will show you how you can create Symbols for you. Please see the image below. We are going to make it in 20 Seconds.

Open the Google Image Browser and Type Bank. You will find this Piggy image just copy the image and paste in Corel. Now select the image and click on Tracing Bitmap Button as shown in image below. There click on Quick Trace in drop down button. And your image will be traced, it can take some time according the details of your image.

It looks like this after finishing. 

Now ungroup the tracing and actual image. There you need to use some logic because CorelDraw's Automatic Tracing system trace by color each color will become one object. So there are two white objects between this black icon. Select both by pressing Ctrl button and then press Weld button as shown in the image. Now delete all other objects and keep only these black and white objects and group it .Your icon is ready now. 

If you want to make it transparent then ungroup it again and select all. Now click on Back Minus Front Button and your Transparent Bank Icon is ready now. 

We need to make it more clarifying so we will add Rupee symbol in it. Search for it on internet and use same technique > Paste it Corel > Select it > Click on Quick Tracing > Delete other objects > Put that object on this icon where you want to use it > Select all and Click on Back Minus Front and your design is ready. 

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Friday, 21 March 2014

How to Market & Promote Real Estate Project in India

I hope this article will help you lot to market you new project either you are marketer or director of the project you need to follow few steps to market your project.

1. Start with the COMING SOON!!! Campaign.

When you own the land for project at the same time your marketing should be started with your first campaign COMING SOON!!! You need to buy the hoardings on best places where your target costumer roaming around. No matter what you are selling, plots, hi-rise apartments, bunglow or villas just give a little information as shown below. 

Hoarding designed for Dehradun's Real Estate Project
So, to completing COMING SOON Campaign we can purchase outdoor media and give few contact numbers on that creative that should be handled by professionals. On that time we can tell them all about the project what we gonna do and tell them the Launching Date with some discount if they book on the launching. 

That campaign will be running for 2 or 3 months on Hoardings, well circulated newspapers, Red-Lights, etc.. 

We should ready our Costumer Visit Form at this time. Because when any buyer is interested and they want to visit the site then get filled this form and give a small receipt and tell them if they come on launching date they can get some discount  that will be so good for us. 

2.  Launching Campaign with Bulk SMS and Mass Mailer
While launching the project we should change our all outdoor advertising creatives with Launching Date and Special Offer. We will give advertisement on newspapers not in magazines. There are few things to do before launching to sell maximum of the project on Launching. 
  • Change your Hoardings with Elevation of your project. 
  • We should advertise on Newspapers with all USPs and Amenities in the project.
  • Get ready your website because if you are targeting NRI buyer you need to have it. 
  • Change all your hoardings and other outdoor creatives before one month. 
  • The Registration Form, Feedback Form, Brochure, Leaflets, Flyers with all details like, Payment Plans, Specifications, Layouts, etc.. 
  • Place Sign-Boards and other street signs on the way of your project that people easily reach there.
  • Give special discount on launching and advertise it by print media. 
  • Hire any database agency that can provide your target buyers data and send them Mass Mail & Bulk SMS before 2 day of Launching the Project. 
  • Advertise on Google, Local Websites & Facebook, that doesn't cost much if we are targeting NRI buyers. 
The more buyers gathering and you will get the maximum deals at this time. So, what now give a magnificent presentation and tell them what you offering exclusively.   

3. What we offering Campaign
Now, we will again replace our hoardings with new creatives using some your project's Tagline, Elevation, Amenities, etc.. That will be for 6 months. 
  • Create social pages on Facebook, Twitter, Linked-in and Blogger and keep them updated frequently. 
  • Your website should be complete with all information about the project. 
  • Give ads in Newspapers on special occasions mostly on Saturday & Sunday that buyers can schedule their visit. 
  • Participate in Events and promote your projects according to your marketing budget. 
  • Arrange some gatherings and parties and give presentation of the project. 
So, now everyone know about your project, and if your project is well planned and the location and building specification is good then by these 3 campaigns for 8 months your project will be sold out upto 70%. Because I have applied this technique and it worked. The last campaign will be simple. 

4. Only Few ........... Left!!!
Last campaign would be like this. Only Few Units Left and our rest of the project will be sold out by this. This is only about marketing and promotional now the main key of selling is described below:
  • Our Sales Personnel should be smart and updated with all projects in local market. They should respond quickly and don't make false statements before the buyers. 
  • We should focus on the exclusivity of our project and main USPs and our promotional should be updated with this. 
It works and always worked. If you have any suggestion to market Real Estate Project in India then write in the comment option, I will be highly thankful of you. 
Thanks for your Time!!!
Sumit Pundeer
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