Friday, 5 June 2015

Customized Stationary for School, College or Institute!!!

"ID card is face of your institution. Never compromize on the quality and standard of ID Card."

Costing??? One question in your mind. I am freelance graphic designer working in Dehradun from last 5 years. Providing best ever stationary to school, colleges and corporates. So, if you are looking better cards for your company or institution. You have to pay only Rs. 40. That's all. In that 40 Rupees you will get the laminated cards on non-tear-able sheet, which will give plastic look and give minimum one year life. With that we will provide Card Holder & Dori in free of cost. There are some conditions but that is quantity of cards. 

School ID Card  Design - Rs. 25/Card | Order Now*
If you require good quantity then good. And if you are looking for cheaper cards then you can get it in Rs. 20 too. In 20 Rupees you will get Card-Holder in Plastic and a Dori, printed with your logo and your printed card without any finishing. It will look great for sales executives, and other marketing officials. 

Rs. 20 for Lef Side and Rs. 15 for Right Side*

If looking for more cheaper then you have to pay only Rs. 15. You will get your printed cards with Dori, printed with your logo name and with poly-card holder. That is best rate if looking for cost effective cards. For sampling of all 3 types you need to call on +91 97608 29608. Or your can mail your query on my mail ID that is

Thanks for your time. 

Sumit Pundeer
Freelance Graphic Designer, Dehradun

There are few things to change.

You need to improve you stationary, like - letter heads, file covers, envelopes, logo too - if needed, your promotional, you need to place few hoardings around the city, it doesn't take big bucks but will make your students feel proud. You need to use some keosks nearby your institution. The ID card your students have is not cool!!! Think about to change your website. Give a smart look to it. Now what ??

I hope you getting my point. We are best to provide it. We handling all kind of works media & marketing things for your institution. Try once you will love working with us. We can provide the fastest services in slow Dehradun.

Thanks for your time! Get in touch with me at +91 9760829608. 

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