Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Firewall Security Unblocking Solution!!!

So, you were enjoying Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter & all other social networking websites in your office. Also you were looking for online shopping. At last the day come when your IT Official is ordered to block all these things in your company. Now what? How your computer will entertain you. Every time you just check the domains and get this message.

This Website is blocked by your Firewall!!!

I have faced this problem but got a very simple solution to open each and every website I want. I did not installed any plug-in or used any cracker. Simple solution I just copied the domain when it was working and pasted in Gtalk Chatting to send anyone. Because My company didn't stopped my Gmail Account. You can save elsewhere. Now I clicked on it and opened the website. When It was working I gave my system to IT Official, He did everything what he ordered to. And removed the all history from my browser. Now he was feeling like jallad and said me, "Sorry, bhai ab tera kuch ni chal payega."

I smiled and said don't you worry about it. When he's gone I just clicked on the chat link option and It was worked. Hurrey!!! It's great to use youtube in Office.

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