Friday, 29 July 2011

Master Page Layouting in Corel Draw CS3/CS4/CS5

Most people don't know about that how to work on master page in corel or can we make some master items to apply on other pages.
If you are using InDesign then click here... Indesign Tutorials

We want BACK : Vartmaan Cartoon Serial ?

1 se kaam chalta h, or 2 ki jaroorat rahti h,
3 se mann khus hota h, aur 4 mile to kya kahne...!

Main lobh hu....main lobh hu...!

There was Sankat, Purush, Dharaya, Irshaya and some other interesting Characters in that serial. I was so fond of that cartoon serial. It was aired on Doordarshan News channel at 2:45 PM, could anybody tell me that where is it?


  • There was the stories about greedy, hate, etc..
  • There was message for children in each and every episode.
  • I've been searching on Youtube but there is nothing about Vartmaan, If you know something about this please write here in comment option.
  • I'm searching those clips for my nephew, she is 5 years old and growing very fast. I want to gift all the clips to her. Please help me if you know something about those magical clips.
Though I didn't find Vartmaan but I promised to myself that I will show my childrens all three our India's Best Epics - Ramayan, Mahabharat and Krishna Leela. Below are the links to buy special versions of all 3 Biopics. Love to share. 

Below Are the Download Links of Both Epics, Time to educate to your child with this Special Education.
Actors: Arun Govil, Deepika