Tuesday, 25 September 2012

2nd Hand Bikes in Delhi : Karolbagh

Delhi is famous city for its import-export and sale-purchase business. Chandni Chownk for second hand shoes, Chor Bazaar for watches, Daryaganj for books and the famouse Karolbagh for Automobiles.

If you want to purchase a good condition, stylish and updated model of any bike then go to Karolbagh, Delhi. You can find any bike you desire and also purchase just paying the value. There is not problem for paper work. You just need to give you Identity Card or Driver License and Address Proof and one more thing.. "MONEY" and bike is yours.

No jhanjhat of anything. One more thing I will share here. Today I gone to Karolbagh and researched on the rates of bikes and also document needs to purchase any bike. I found some interesting things I am describing here...

Value of Bikes:
When we like any model of bike and ask for the it's value. Salesman reply,  "40,000 Rs. or isse aik rupya kam nahi hoga. Bike ki condition dekh lijiye or phir aap poori market men try kar lijiye isse achchi bike aapko kahin nahi milegi."
Good Jock! Never think about what he said just tell him what your mind think. If you think that the bike value should be 20,000 Rs. Tell him clearly that you can give 18,000 Rs for that and now see the result. He will start saying, "Bhai kya baat kar rahe ho, aisa kuch nahi ham kam se kam 35,000 Rs. kar sakte hain or wo bhi jis costomer ki bike hai usse poochne ke baad (Actually there are two types of bikes one is their own and others are the saler's bike who want to sale his bike but don't have time so left his bike there and pays 1000 Rs. commission when deal is final.)".
Reply anything but don't increase your value. Time to leave that shop and you will see the salesman will stop you and say "Bhai 32,000 Rs. Final hain leni hai to lo aapki marzi.". Now tell him that you can give 20,000 Rs. and then he will reply 28,000 Rs.
Now it depends on you that how can you broke this deal smartly. Do anything but purchase that bike in 20,000 Rs to 25,000 Rs and be a smart buyer.

Document Required:
Identity Card (Election Card/Passport/DL)
Address Proof

Outside of Delhi:
If you are from Kashmir to Kanya-kumari but not from Delhi. Then NO PROBLEM! just give a proper documentation and a take any relative or friend with you who is from Delhi. Then everything will be fine and bike will be transfer on your name.

Finance for 2nd Hand Bikes:
Think if you like a bike worth Rs. 30,000 but you don't have that money right now then just ask for Post-Dated Check or that you are paying 25,000 in cash and giving a check for 5 thousands. It can work but it don't work then one more solution for you.
Take a friend or relative with you who is from Delhi and have a home at Delhi. His address proof is enough for your finance.

For more information write your query in comment and I will find a best answer for you.
Thanks for your time!!!

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Working with Translation Workspace XLIFF Editor

Open the file with double click on it.

Click the close on the first windows (Now it will be like Image 2)

Change the font as per your language from View > Document view > Fonts (it will change the document font)

Now change the Working string font as well from View > Segment View > Font (It will change the opened segment font view.
Document View

Segment View

While doing the above 2 steps, you will find the window as given below. Where you need to choose your font. You can choose the font size as weill.

Now you are ready to translate the file.

Below are the login procedure.
Click on the Not Connected Menu (Red circled in the image)

It will ask for User ID and password

User ID: ********
Password: ********

Tenants: ********

Then Press OK

Now choose the TM to be used for the translation and Press Ok.

Now choose the language pair and press OK

Now you are connected to the TM.
Let’s move towards the working segments.
Press ALT + HOME
Once you complete the translation Press ALT + +
You will move to the next segment. Please follow the same till the document gets complete.

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Creating Templates for Multi-Lingual-Desktop-Publishing

90 percent translation companies provide Desktop Publishing Services. Every document needs formatting after translation because every language have different punctuation marks and have word expansions or reductions that affect the source layout. We cannot send the document without any professional type-setter touch.
Here I am Sumit Pundeer, working as a formatter and type-setter for a translation company and sharing my experience that how I dealt with multi-lingual-documents. When we receive any document for translation in multi-languages, first of all we create a template for that. We create style for all the different text properties used in that file like, body-text, heading, pagination, footer, header, etc..
We share those styles to translators and instruct them to use styles while translating the target documents. When we receive translated files, we share it to formatters in native language and they make it 100 percent correct. It don’t takes time to finish the formatting if we already created styles for the target files. So, if you are using Adobe InDesign, CorelDraw, Pagemaker, QuarkExpress, MS Word, PowerPoint, or any other  DTP software then you don’t need to work hard when formatting the document. Just create style for the file in MS Word and share it to translators after that import that file in your target software and all the styles will imported automatically. This is the best way to deal with Multi-Lingual-Content-Formatting.
For more information contact me at mediasixteen@gmail.com or call me at 091.995.32.2230.

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Formatting Styles in MS Word

It saves lots of time when we use STYLES in formatting with MS Word, CorelDraw, InDesign, Pagemaker, Quark Express or any other DTP software. When we format any document whether it is book, magazine or any other material containing lot of text in it. We have to format it with the consistency and to maintain that we need to create a template document. In this document we set up styles for heading, bodytext, bullet-styles, header, footer and for pagination too. We save it and use in all the chapters, lessons or parts etc..

Here in MS Word we can create a style simply with this toolbar option showing in the image below.
Just change your text as you want and click on style option button and then click on the save style button as shown in image 2.

Give a proper name to the style and click on ok button.
You can modify your style anytime when you want. For that just Right Click on the Style you want to edit and then click on modify button as shown in image 3.

You can also import styles from a different file in Word for that just follow these steps…
Click on the button shown in image below.

Now click on manage styles button as shown in image below.
  • In Manage Styles window click on the Import/Export button.
  • Then click on choose file button…
  • Then click on open file button…
Now select the file you want to import styles and select the styles you want to import…
For more informations contact me on mediasixteen@gmail.com or call me at 091 995 352 2230 (India). Thanks for your time.