Friday, 19 June 2015

Blogging is Best for Earning Money from Home!!!

If you like anything, and you know everything about it. Just write on or websites, where you can create free account for Blog. It is time to take decision. Create a good name for your blog (what is available). Then start writing articles about it. Just like I am from India, working as freelance graphic designer. So, I have a blog about me. I have a blog about Hindi Tutorials for Graphic Design (, because our language is Hindi. I know one day I will get good traffic, means good people on my blog to read it. Once I will complete all the writing I will get good money from that and Sitting from Home, Playing with my Family, I know that.

So, How to Create a Blog??

Go to there you will get your answer. You just need to have an account in Gmail or any, you can sign up too.

Don't Copy and Paste!!!

Decide a Template as you want to create it. Just start to write about you now everything. Make a good start. Don't copy and paste from other sources because you will not allow to use Google's Adsense Account for earning if you do that. My Adsense account is blocked for this problem.

At Least 300 Words!!!

Whatever you are writing, at least make 300 words per article. You can use some images in each blog that will make it interesting.

When you have good Traffic, Make it Adsense Blog!!!

You just need to know when you are having 500 visitors per day. And when you have it just use Adsense to earn. Search on Google for that. That is free account, you get only when you have good visitors.

If having any problem, you can write on the comment bar.!!!

Thanks for your time!!!

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Designed for Siddhartha Group of Institutions Dehradun

It is great to work with good people, like Rahul Ji. This year I have designed few of their prospectus, fee structure, flyers, hostel form and admission letter. Just look out how I designed and printed with perfection.  


Printing & Finishes: Matte Finish | 270 GSM Matte Paper | Spot UV on Cover | Central Stitching Binding | Double Folded Page inside | Curve Pocket for Forms & Inserts


Designed a classy prospectus for the college with single color scheme, Gray, Orange & Black. Prospectus having folding page inside for Activity Photographs is the main beauty of this job. Job is finished with Matte Lamination and Spot UV.


Printing & Finishes: 100 GSM Sunishine | Laminated Inside | Digitally Printed

Laminated Envelopes to mail the the required materials. Envelope paper and standard is high as other stationary.


Printing & Finishes: Sunshine 100 GSM Paper | Double Sided Printed | Check Perforating

Designed and Printed Admission Forms with super typography skills. Well space to fill the form. Paper is best for writing with good quality and strength.


Printing & Finishes: 170 GSM Matte | Varnish both sides

Designed both side printed Flyer in A4 Size. Both Law and Pharmacy College details given on separate side. Phone number is highlighted and used good fonts and color scheme.


Printing & Finishes: 100 GSM Sunshine | Central Stitched 

Hostel form is designed and printed with two colors to make it cost-effective. Standard fonts used to make well space for filling the form.


Printing & Finishes: 150 SGM Matte  

Both side printed Fee Structures, one side fee and other side bank details and rules, instructions etc.. Printed with Matte 150 GSM that someone can write with pen to explain it to students.


Printing & Finishes: 100 GSM Sunshine 

Admission Letter is the main key to attract students. When you mail the admission letter to students they check it and love the standard of institution if it is good. Now on my request SGI is giving quality admission letters to it's students. Please check the technique how can we do that.

If you are looking for Cost-Effective Stationary Solutions, Promotional Solutions for your institution. Please contact me urgent, I am Freelance Graphic Designer at Dehradun.  - +91 97608 29608

Friday, 5 June 2015

Work from Home as Translator!!! Earn Big Bucks!!! is best website to give you translation work. Now you just need to create account on that website. There you will find work to translate. Very easy filter to find suitable project for you.

Below images is showing how can you find work for you. There is a link: Browse translation jobs. Click on it and a new window will open.

Now, in this window you have to enter the both the languages. As you are good in translating Arabic from English. Then you need to enter English in Source Language and Arabic in Target Language.

Fields is main thing, if you have any specialization like, medical, history or anything, you will change it accordingly. Now click on search jobs to find your work.

You will find some projects. Click on one you like, now login to bid on project. Create your account and if your bid is good you will get the job.

For any query please give write in comment box.


Customized Stationary for School, College or Institute!!!

"ID card is face of your institution. Never compromize on the quality and standard of ID Card."

Costing??? One question in your mind. I am freelance graphic designer working in Dehradun from last 5 years. Providing best ever stationary to school, colleges and corporates. So, if you are looking better cards for your company or institution. You have to pay only Rs. 40. That's all. In that 40 Rupees you will get the laminated cards on non-tear-able sheet, which will give plastic look and give minimum one year life. With that we will provide Card Holder & Dori in free of cost. There are some conditions but that is quantity of cards. 

School ID Card  Design - Rs. 25/Card | Order Now*
If you require good quantity then good. And if you are looking for cheaper cards then you can get it in Rs. 20 too. In 20 Rupees you will get Card-Holder in Plastic and a Dori, printed with your logo and your printed card without any finishing. It will look great for sales executives, and other marketing officials. 

Rs. 20 for Lef Side and Rs. 15 for Right Side*

If looking for more cheaper then you have to pay only Rs. 15. You will get your printed cards with Dori, printed with your logo name and with poly-card holder. That is best rate if looking for cost effective cards. For sampling of all 3 types you need to call on +91 97608 29608. Or your can mail your query on my mail ID that is

Thanks for your time. 

Sumit Pundeer
Freelance Graphic Designer, Dehradun

There are few things to change.

You need to improve you stationary, like - letter heads, file covers, envelopes, logo too - if needed, your promotional, you need to place few hoardings around the city, it doesn't take big bucks but will make your students feel proud. You need to use some keosks nearby your institution. The ID card your students have is not cool!!! Think about to change your website. Give a smart look to it. Now what ??

I hope you getting my point. We are best to provide it. We handling all kind of works media & marketing things for your institution. Try once you will love working with us. We can provide the fastest services in slow Dehradun.

Thanks for your time! Get in touch with me at +91 9760829608. 

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Firewall Security Unblocking Solution!!!

So, you were enjoying Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter & all other social networking websites in your office. Also you were looking for online shopping. At last the day come when your IT Official is ordered to block all these things in your company. Now what? How your computer will entertain you. Every time you just check the domains and get this message.

This Website is blocked by your Firewall!!!

I have faced this problem but got a very simple solution to open each and every website I want. I did not installed any plug-in or used any cracker. Simple solution I just copied the domain when it was working and pasted in Gtalk Chatting to send anyone. Because My company didn't stopped my Gmail Account. You can save elsewhere. Now I clicked on it and opened the website. When It was working I gave my system to IT Official, He did everything what he ordered to. And removed the all history from my browser. Now he was feeling like jallad and said me, "Sorry, bhai ab tera kuch ni chal payega."

I smiled and said don't you worry about it. When he's gone I just clicked on the chat link option and It was worked. Hurrey!!! It's great to use youtube in Office.

Thanks for Reading !!!