Saturday, 22 October 2011

Check Mails while Watching TV

Is it possible  to check your Mail ID on your TV? You can feed your username and passwords by your remote.  All the settle-lite and cable TV companies can provide this facility. They can give us a different channel Google, Yahoo, Rediffmail, etc. on our TV. When we will open that channel we can check our mail, write mail etc.

What do you think about this, if you also agree with me and want to manage your mail ID on your TV please write here...

New Simcards for your Mobile

I'm gonna tell you about new simcard in the market. There is something interesting about simcard.

If you will have that simcard in your mobile, you don't need to have memory chips because your simcard will have inbuilt memory 4GB to 8GB. You just need to purchase a new mobile who can support these kind of simcards.

It will save your money your time and you don't need to change everytime your sim and memory card. Becuase it will carry your images, videos, contact numbers, etc.

Benefit for mobile company:
Mobile company will save their money because there will be no need to give extra chip for memorycards or simcards, there will be only one chip for both.

Benefits for Network Companies:
No one change their simcards fluently because of memories.

This card is not available in the market, this is just my imagination.... what do you think of this?
Is this possible?
Would you like to purchase this kind of gadget?

Magnetic Roads of Future

Magnetic Roads will be fuel free roads for transport. We just have to start our vehicle and it will move automatically on roads because of magnets. Magnets will help to move the vehicle fast. The force of magnet will help to move the iron's vehicle. Magnet will work as future fuel.
I've just imagined this thing and I know that in future it could be possible. If you are agree with me just right your feedback.
And also tell me why this is not possible.
Thanks for your time.

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Sound Problem in Lenovo 3000 G430 Fixed

I have lenovo laptop, before some time I installed window 7 my laptop but it's sound was not worked. Today I'm happy that  I have fixed this problem by installing realtek software. Now I can play youtube, etc...

Click on this link to download realtek..

When we download and install this software we don't need to restart our computer. It automatically refresh the computer and  start the audio. It create a Smart Audio option on the rightside of taskbar, you can take a look of this software in this image.
smart audio for window seven sound problem

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

6 means of Delhi Metro Train

Do you know why six is written on Delhi Metro transparent Glass?
Which Delhi Metro trains having Six Coach is highlighted with 6 on their transparent glass. Because, before September there was mostly 4 coach on each metro train. But now some yellow and blue trains are running with  6 coach.

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Residential Offices is like Institutes

If you have worked in a residential office you will understand me well. It is amazing if you work in residential  office, we can say your second home of working. Most of the RO's (residential offices) owners want to make it place where employee can work, enjoy and can do everything when working.
But most of the greedy bosses sit on the chairs to kill the desires of the employees. For example:

I'm Rahul and want to go for 5 days holiday to Massuri. I've taken my leaves of 4 days and one day I will call my boss that I can't come today because train is late, my stomach is not well....... But Sunita have revealed the secret of the trip to boss....
Boss call me and say this is the work you will have to do today... finish it fast...

Sunita is the reason to cancel to trip....
have you faced  this problem......????

My First Freelance Experience

When I was working with a publication house, H.G Publications in South Delhi. I wanted to earn more and more and took some freelance work from Kalka Ji. It was typing work, lots of typing work in minnimum time. We were three people on the keyboards to work hard and finish that task.
We paid 2600 Rupees there to get that work. They told us, "If you finish your job at time you can earn 32,000 Rupees in just 15 days." We wanted to do anything to finish that job. That was formatting work and typing also.
We did that work in time, actually before time. We submitted that work in Kalka Ji Agency. But, what........ They didn't paid us and shown some corrections in our work. We knew that the corrections are not too much but we signed the contract and there was written something what was impossible.
In actually we were big fool.... We should not do that. That was the black bussiness of that company. The work which we are doing was not possible to do. The agency was earning a lot doing that...... But the peoples are being fooled....

I know that today also you can see it in the market. If you want to share your experience working with the agencies like that who takes  money and give your work, what is impossible to do.. please write your comment here............


Typing Jobs: Work From Home!!!

Don't worry dear. You can also learn typing in just few days using some Typing Tutorials download here: {Touch Typing in 10 hours: Click to Download/Buy}. You can earn good if you know little formatting tips. Because this time outsourcing is in fashion, PEOPLE WORKING FROM HOME ARE EARNING BETTER THAN FULL TIME EMPLOYEES.

What you need to START IT??? >>>
  • Your Personal Computer or Laptop
  • Few fonts in your computer (you can Download from Internet)
  • Internet Connection (not high-speed required)
  • Little knowledge of formatting in MS Office & Type-setting applications (You may watch Youtube Videos for Formatting Tutorials)
  • Printer and Scanner (Not in initial stage, but must when working for any publication house)

You just need to increase your typing speed because it will increase productivity. Practice at your home, your typing should be around 40 Words Per Minute with Good Accuracy. It is difficult for beginners but once your speed meets 20WPM then it don't take time to reach 40WPM. It will take more than 10 days. Oh Great!!! Your typing speed is good now. So, now you have the gadgets and ready to work, the main thing is WHO WILL GIVE YOU WORK.

Be Aware!!!
There are agencies who claim they will pay you 50$ per page. They demand for little security, do not pay them they are Fake. You cannot meet their deadlines. So, don't be foolish and work for them who will pay you. Check the below list who actually pay for your work.

  • Publication House
  • Any Writer you know
  • Magazine Offices
  • Media Company Offices
  • Database Provider / Digital Marketing Company
All publisher have typing jobs, go and show your skills and take the work. You can ask any of your friend who work in Print Media. Once you get the job do it with full patience.

Few points to take care when working from Home!!!
  • Know your capacity, don't take too much work in starting.
  • Don't be dependable on others because you can loose your publisher if deadline is missed.
  • Don't work more than 8 hours a day, you can loose your eye-sight (You have to work for LIFE)
For any help regarding font issue, type-setting problems or software skills feel free to contact me at +919997833350 I have few things to explain you here. You have lot of opportunities to work from home. Below given is the lists what you can do to work from home - Read them all. 

For any help from me please write your query in comment option.
Sumit Pundeer
+91 9997833350 (Whatsapp Number)

Digital Art Tutorials: Path to Illustrator

In this tutorial you will know that how to save path for Illustrator.
We can create path in photoshop but to edit that path with free hand tool is not easy with Photoshop. In this situation we should use Illustrator. Because Illustrator is best tool for inking from Adobe.
To import that file in Illustrator we have to open path file in Photoshop and then

saving path for illustator in photoshop

Go to File > Path to Illustrator and save that file.
Now open that in Illustrator and edit how you want.

Now copy that inking from Illustrator and Paste it in Photoshop File... There you have to choose pixel option and now your inking will be OK...