Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Text Wrapping Problem : CorelDraw

If you are a Layout Designer, you have faced problem when doing text wrap in any object or image your corel draw hang and crash. Task manager show not responding and then you'll have to close the software. If your answer is yes then don't worry. You can fix this problem by doing some changes in your object or image.
Just need to ungroup the object and then create a different box to wrap text. It is happening because you have more objects to wrap text and corel is confused about this.
You just need to select only one object to wrap text around it.
Thank for reading.. if you have any other problem or any solution about this problem please write here, it can be helpful for layouting artists.....

Google Translate or Bing Translator

If you want to talk anyone in this world you can use these two internet softwares. You just need to type your words there and you can convert them in any language of this world.

There is a big difference in Google and Bing.
On Bing Translator you can chat in 39 Languages but on Google you can chat in 44 different languages of the world?

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

How to create gif images from Video

To create gif from video clip you just need to download Total Video Converter Software, it's free to download.
Then import your video, then change export settings as gif image. Set start and end point for your image and then click on convert now option. You gif image will be done.... thanks for visit if you have any problem just put it here...
Watch video tutorial if you didn't got me...

how to change font size in PDF

It is so easy to change font size, fort type, colour, image, object's colour, style, paragraph and line space in your PDF file. For this you just need to install Adobe Acrobat Professional in your system.
Then just open your PDF file, open your Tools option > then Advance Editing Tools.

Use Touch-up Text Tool and Touch-up Object Tool to edit your pdf. Loading System Fonts could take good time don't worry about that.
Right click on the text which you want to edit and Click on Properties there is.. Now you can change it. Thanks for reading... If you have any question doing that just put it here.....

If you didn't get my point just watch this video...

New Style of Proofreading and Correction

It is easy to show mistakes and create sticky notes on your PDF file.
Just go to: Tools>Advance Editing>Touch-up Text Tool
proofreading in adobe acrobat professional 

Proofreaders using Adobe PDF for showing correction and mistakes in file. Adobe Acrobat Professional is best for proofreading. Professional DTP operators understand well this style of proofreading. It is easy to understand.

Monday, 29 August 2011

Export PDF with Crop Marks and Bleed in InDesign

When we export double spread layout's final PDF in InDesign we face some problems like, cropmars not placing well, bleeding is not setting correctly, quality of images not good or psd images show black outlines...
To export a final PDF in InDesign you need to know these things..
Change it to High Quality PDF
Change Standard of PDF
Check on Crop Marks
Set bleed .118 each but don't set for inside, make it zero.

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Use Gtalk to create Google Account

If you want to open a new gmail/google account and it's not gonna work easily then try Gtalk (google talk). It is easy to open an google account with gtalk.

  • You don't need to fill too much details about you.
  • It don't take time to openning an account.
How to:
Just download Gtalk software from google, it is free of cost. Install it in your computer and run the application.
When you open gtalk there it shows don't have an account option, click on that. A simple fill-up form will show you just fill it's details as shown in video tutorial. Your account will be created. Thanks for your visit.

When filling your form take care about this:
  • PASSWORD: Your password should not match with your username, for example if your username is mediasixteen then your password should not like, mediatwo or mysixteen. Create a different password otherwise your mailId would be hacked.
  • DATE FORMAT: Check date format if you are filling your DOB (date of birth). Check it is MM/DD/YYYY it's means first of all you will fill MM=Month, DD=Day, YYYY=Year.
  • RECOVERY EMAIL:  It's mean when you forgot your password or username then you can recover your password and username on this ID. You should fill it correctly, there you can give yahoo, sify or rediff account also.
Thanks for your time, if you have any problem creating gmail account just write here which problem you facing.

Saturday, 27 August 2011

PDF Problem: Dark Outlines on PSD Files

Black outlines showing on psd images when we export PDF in Indesign or Illustrator.
Dark pixel view when we see PDF exported from Indesign or Illustrator.
If you have any question, problem like this don't worry just watch this video...

You don't need to do too much when exporting PDF, Just change it's standard and quality your problem will be solved...

Friday, 26 August 2011

Upload your video - YouTube

To upload your video on Youtube, you don't need too much things to do. If you have a google account it's enough just log-in with your google account and fill a little form on youtube.

There you can download as much videos as you want for free.
Log in your account and just click on Upload Option, your uploading will start.

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Language and Keyboard Settings in Summit Indica for Chanakya Font

Though English is a universal language but lot of work is done in regional or country language. When talk about advertising and designing sector many languages are used other than English. Hindi is one of them. To type Hindi in computer Hindi Script Font is used in which Kruti dev is most famous. But here I am talking about 2nd used font in Hindi typing Chanakya.  
Chanakya is also a Hindi Script Font as Kruti Dev, Walkman Chanakya, etc. But this font is not available for free. If you wish to use it you would need to buy it.  For this, you need to install Summit Indica Software. After installing Summit Indica Software, you can work with Chanakya font in any DTP(Desktop Publishing) software like, Pagemaker, Corel, InDesign, Quark Express, etc..

After finishing installation of this software you cannot directly start working with Chanakya.  You need to change some settings otherwise you can face  problems while typing.
First of all you change the Language to Devnagari. Then the style of Keyboard to Remington

In this software package you will get 19+ different font styles for Hindi Language to stylize your typography designs. You can also use it for other Indian languages like, Gujarati, Malayalam, Punjabi, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu and Bengali & Oriya too.

For Hindi you get below listed, different font styles:
Ajanta, Aajtak, Alankar, Bharat, Damodar, Dastak, Daisai, Manohar, Madhur, Mdhur, Megha, Nadhra, Shankar, Sulekha, Sridhar, Urvasi, Vishal, Valmiki.

Chanakya Keyboard Layout:Chanakya Keyboard layout is similar to Kruti Dev 010 Layout. Below shown layout is the Kruti Dev 010 Layout and if you know typing with Kruti Dev, then you can easily type with Chanakya. Only few keys are not similar, otherwise it’s all the same like Kruti Dev.

Download below given image and practice with Chanakya Font or Kruti Dev, if you want to learn Hindi typing. It works same with Windows XP, 7 and others too. But if you want to work with Macintosh then you need to know some special things I will describe soon.

Hindi Keyboard: Kruti Dev 10

How can you use this image to learn Hindi typing:
>>> Download the image and open MS Word, change the font and start typing with the help of keyboard.
>>> If you do not find any alphabet on the keyboard just go to Character Map. There you can find each and every character of Hindi Script.
>>> To find Character Map go to Start->Search->Character Map.
>>> If you are typing in any software like MS Office or CorelDraw which have Autocorrect Option. Please disable it.
>>> If you are typing on your laptop then use Function Key (Fn) for short-keys. It will help you to type with speed.

Having any problem using this Keyboard or want to know more about Summit Indica Software then write your query in comment option and I will create tutorial especially for you.
Thanks for your time.

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Summit Indica in Indesign CS3: Font Problem

Chanakya is best font to work in Hindi Script in India.
If you want to work on chanakya font in Indesign CS3, then you should update your Summit Indica Software. If you don't have update version then you could face some problems like, font not typing well, copy and pasting problems. So you must need to update your software for working in Indesign......
If you have any other problem using chanakya in indesign you can type here, I've give you instant solution.

Friday, 19 August 2011

Proof readers can show corrections in Microsoft Word

Imagine if a DTP Operator send you PDF file for proof reading. There is 3 options to show him/her corrections:
1) Print you PDF file and point out all corrections with highlighter and pen.
2) You can add sticky notes on every page of your PDF Document.
3) You can write all the corrections in Microsoft Office Word. Here we are showing how can you write down correction in Word.

List of correction for The Grammar book 6
1. Preface. Please place the final preface. Please take it from book 4.

2. Page 13-  5th line from top, under the heading Alphabet pool. Please change ‘your team gets five points' to 'both the teams get five points'.

3. Page 17- 2nd grid, 1st column, last word, please change -s to -es.

4. Page 26- Ques 1 -- place the full stop after (cold).
5. page 30 – question A
1. To ___________________ does this dress belong? (existing)
1.  ___________________ does this dress belong to? (corrected)
2. For ________________ does Jahan work? (existing)
2. ________________ does Jahan work for? (corrected)
5.  ________________ are these keys? (existing)
5. ________________ keys are these? (corrected)
question B. – 2. the boys’ bikes. Remove underline from bikes.
6. Page 31 - Let's crack it pt. 3 - change wich to which.

 7. Page 39 - under subhead This that these and those , line 6, change theese to these.

 8. page 45
Question no. E. 6. – remove underline from plants.
definition – A phrasal verb is a group of words having a verb….
Remove bold from the first word A. Replace having with that has
9. Page 46
 Exercise F, point 7, change Sine to Since.
Composition – first paragraph – third line – first two words – purple white – add a hyphen between these – purple-white

 10. Page 47
Ques A. 1. Add full stops to all three options.
 Ques A.2, change first letter of all the options to caps.  Add a box against each option (as in question A under Lets perfect it below)
Ques Let’s perfect it – A. 6. favorite – favourite, flavor – flavour   (change spellings)
11. Page 63, question C.
6. I have never ever seen such a sight _______ . (ever/roughly)   (existing)
6. I have never _________ seen such a sight. (ever/roughly)   (corrected)
12. Page 66, Question
H. 1. Add full stops in all three options.
H. 2 .- Add full stops in all three options.
H. 3 – In the above passage, a word that means a kind of puzzle is (existing)
In the above passage, the word that means ‘a kind of puzzle’ is  (corrected)
Add full stops in all the options.
13. Page 69 , Ques A, pt 9, change trying to knocking, pt 3- delete near

 14. Page 70 , Ques A, pt 2 - change full stop to question mark in the end .

15. Page 77- 2nd bullet point, line 2. add full stop at the end, after mangoes.

16. page 86- speech bubble- delete , said the captain. After tomorrow, change comma to full stop.
17. Page 108 – Question A. 1,2,3 – add full stops in all the options.
18. Page 2 – copyright page – add one line First impression 2012 below ‘First Published in 2011’  

I hope you understand the way to type corrections in wordpad. If you have any other solution please type here...

Colouring with Photoshop

Scanning with Photoshop
  • Switch on the printer and attach with your PC or laptop. Now open your photoshop application. For scanning your sheet go to File > Import > Wia (Printer Name).
  • If your sheet is inked with pen, then select Black and White Color Mode, if you want to ink in photoshop then select Grayscale Mode.
  • Resolution of file should be 300 pixels/inch. Now select scan option and scan the document.
I'll give you more informations about this, Just tell me which you want to know first?
  1. Changing color mode of document
  2. Tricks and Tips for selection and Fill Colour
  3. Using Anti Alias in Colouring
  4. Contigunias in Colouring
  5. Using Pencil tool to Retouch Inking
  6. Using Pen Tool or Path for Selection
  7. Types of Coluring in Photoshop
  8. Flat Colouring
  9. Shade in Colouring
  10. Texture Colouring
  11. 2D Colouring
  12. 3D Colouring
  13. Using Actions in Colouring

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Exporting PSD File in Corel Draw X2/X3/X4/X5

If you want to work on any picture or object, you want to export it in psd then you should follow these steps.
Select picture or object which you want to export. Export that pressing Ctrl+E command. Open it in Photoshop change it how you want then import again in Corel. It's easy but for doing that you should understand the process.
For example, I've a picture chickens on a bed, I want to change bed in yellow colour.
First of all I'll select the picture.
Then I'll press Ctrl+E to export this.
Export window will appear, I will change some settings as:
Save as type : PSD Document
Selected only : Click on checkbox

Now press OK.
Convert to Bitmap window will appear, I will change some settings here too, like:
Resolution : 300
Transparent Background : Click on checkbox

Now press OK.
My file is psd file is ready to edit in photoshop, I'll change in it what I want.

I'll import this file in Corel. Look, bed's colour have been changed. My picture is OK now.

If your psd files are lost or deleted then you can export them using corel draw.
If you want to increase size of your image in bitmap format.
Tell me how you using this process.

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Working with Single Colour Families

Smart graphic artists always work in colour families, in book layouting, advertisements or identity making, etc.
This calender of 2010, month of February is example of using colour family.

Not showing fonts in control panel

If your computer not showing fonts in control panel, don’t worry.

Just open Corel Font Navigator click on WINDOW 2 (shown in picture) select the font you want to copy, do Ctrl +C and Ctrl +V command to copy fonts.

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Best fonts to use in Children books

For Page Header i like to choose Serif and San Serif, Thin and Clear Fonts like..
Century Gothic, Tahoma, Times New Roman...

For Headings I like to use San-serif Fonts like...
Avantgarde, Tahoma, Arial etc.

For Body Text I use serif fonts like.
Agaramond, Times, Bookman, and mostly I use Book Antiqua..

What do you like to use?

Friday, 12 August 2011

Import PSD File in InDesign or Corel: How to ungroup images

Step 1:
Open your document.

Step 2:
Select white background which you want to delete.

Step 3:
Zoom on your page and delete white space between images.

Step 4:
Select Lasso Tool and select the object.

Step 5:
Now press Ctrl+J. Look your object have been pasted on new layer. Repeat this command on every object in your document.
Now delete Background layer, hey! you have created every object on different layer, now you can import this file on In Design or Corel or Illustrator.

Master Page Layout in Indesign CS3/CS4/CS5

In-Design is best software for formatting book, magazines layouts. If you want to create master page in InDesign then you can follow these steps:

Step 1: 
Double Click on the Pages Option showing right side of InDesign Window.

Then Click on the A-Master or the two pages showing in master window.

Step 2:
Format the Master Page how you want, apply headers, footers, pagination style,  auto page numbering on master page.

Look, what you creating on master page it is automatically applied on every page of the document.

Step 3: 
If you want to create more than one master page then click on the option button of pages window.
Create New Master page option will create new master on your document.

After clicking this message window will show:

Now your B Master page have been created. See how you can apply this page on selected pages of your document.
You will have do right click on the pages where you want to apply B Master and this window will show:

After clicking on Apply Master to Pages Option this window will show, here you can choose that which Master Page you want to apply on your pages.

If you have any query about Master Page in In Design Software then just write in your comment, I'll create instant tutorial for you. Thanks for your time.

In this tutorial you have learnt:
  • How to create more than one Master Pages.
  • How to apply Master Page on selected pages where you want.