Thursday, 29 March 2012

Software for ID Card Design

Identity Card is must for Every School, Company, NGO etc.. Here I have described the software to make a Professional ID Card. These software have some speciality and features. Take a look on each and every software listed here. 

We can create ID Cards with Desktop Publishing Software like CorelDraw, In-Design, Photoshop. There software are good when we have low quantity of cards like Hundreds of two hundreds, but when we have to design thousands of cards we have to use software that makes the job simplified. Here we have some software to do that... Please know more about it in this article.

Easy Card Creator

Price: $ --

What is Special?

  • Barcode Scanning
  • Signature
  • Supervisor and printer user roles
  • Wizards
  • Magnetic Stripe
  • Templates
  • Printer settings
  • ID Card Design and Printing
  • Free ID Card Templates
  • Barcode Printing
  • Network version
To know more click here:

ID Flow

Photo ID System and Software
Price: $ 749

What is Special?

  • You can design Student ID, Employee ID, Government ID and Security ID.
  • Add text, logos, graphics, photos, signatures, biometrics
  • Add serial numbers, date / time, other custom data
  • Add record data from a database
  • Add data to be entered by the user at print-time
  • Automatic positioning, alignment and resizing tools
  • Organize design using layers
  • Create transparency effects
  • Fill shapes with gradients and patterns
  • Print text and images in the UV layer
To know more click here:

There are numbers of softwares to make ID Cards. If you want to download any free software then go to Torrent Download. If you want to get paid software then go to the website of software. I can help you to find a suitable software for you. Just tell me what you want? How you want to use it?

Now, lets talk about designing an ID Card in CorelDraw. Please watch the video tutorial for this and give your comments and queries in below comment option.

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Path Corel to Illustrator to InDesign for Drawing Objects

Most of the Graphic Designer do not use PATH in their work. Graphic Design who use this is a SMART DESIGNER. It save lots of our time. like;

  • If we want to create any critical shape in InDesign which is more easy to create in CorelDraw. Smart Artist create that in CorelDraw create path to InDesign.
  • Sometime if you want to draw something which is more easy in Illustrator. Smart Artists do that in Illustrator and give path to Photoshop.
  • There are lot of things to do with path. These are just two examples.

In this tutorial I am not going to explain you what is path, you can find it on other websites. I will explain you what is the best use of it. To know how to create path check this tutorial.

CorelDraw to >>> InDesign | Illustrator | Photoshop

When we create any shape or drawing in CorelDraw and want to open it in InDesign, Illustrator or Photoshop. We need to change it's Save Type. We Save the document in AI Mode (Adobe Illustrator Mode).
Then we can open it to Illustrator. In Illustrator we copy the lines directly and paste it in InDesign. Same for Photoshop.
Tip: First of all we need to open that AI file in Illustrator then we can open with other softwares.

Illustrator to >>> Photoshop

When we do Digital Coloring in Photoshop, we have to do it's digital inking in Illustrator. After finishing the inking process we copy the inkings and paste directly to Photoshop. There we see 4-5 options to paste he artwork. We use Path if we want to apply and modified brush of Photoshop.
Tip: After pasting the path, just Press B (Brush Tool) and select color and size of brush and press Enter. Enjoy this.

There are more other use of this Path. Smart artists use this function for saving their time and to work with Multisoftwares for Creative Designs. Tell me how did you used it. I will be waiting for your comments.
Thanks for your time...

Master Page Items in CorelDraw

This is a quick tutorial about Master Page Items in CorelDraw X4 X3 X2 11 & 12. If you use this information you can create layouts for books or any multi-page document in CorelDraw, using this trick YOU CAN SAVE YOUR TIME.


When creating layout for a books or magazines, we have some master objects which will apply on each and every page on the same place as, headers, footers, pagination, logos, etc.. Here with Corel, we can make it possible after creating master layer, same like InDesign and Quark Express. See, video to know that how can we create Master Layer.



  1. Go to TOOLS then OBJECT MANAGER (as shown in the image below...)
  2. You will see a new window on the right side of your document.
  3. Now click on NEW MASTER LAYER (see image below)
  4. Rename the Layer as you want. 
  5. Now paste your items or objects which you want on every page on same position. 
  6. Now Deselect the Master Layer and work on your pages.
  7. Now click on the Page Layer (1, 2, 3, 4....)

Start working.. after doing this when you add some pages in your document. You see your layout is available on every page. Use this in book layouting, advertisement matterials, etc.. as you want.

Free Advise:

>>> Sometimes we have a problem in CorelDraw. When we click on next page our Desktop documents do not show. Each and every page have it's different Desktop objects for that problem, we need to work with Desktop Layer on Master Page and our problem will be solved..

Please tell me how much of your time have been saved by doing this.. If you have any problem doing this please write in comment option. I will waiting for your comment. Thanks...

Monday, 26 March 2012

Free On-Screen Keyboard for Windows 7 & XP

There are two different ways to have a ON SCREEN KEYBOARD on your Windows or MAC. One is your Windows gadget which you can find here >>>

On-Screen Keyboard:

Start > All Programs > Accessories > Ease of Access > On-Screen Keyboard
You can change the font and font size of this keyboard how you want. If you want to type in Marathi you can change it's font to Marathi Font. Same for other languages. This keyboard is available in Windows XP, 7 and Vista too.

Manual Keyboard:

If your On-screen Keyboard do not work then there is another way to work with On-screen keyboard, but this is manually. We need to download the Keyboard Layout from Internet. Like, if we want to type in Spanish Language then we search Spanish Keyboard Layout on Internet and find a Layout with good resolution. We download it.
After downloading we open another window where we want to type or practice. And we also open this keyboard. We open both windows in Stacked Mode. Then we start to typing. There can not be all the keys you want. Then go to Character Map and find other characters of the font.

Free Advise:

>>> If you do not have keyboard or your keyboard's any key does not work then you can take advantage of this.
>>> If you do not find any character on the keyboard you can take help of Character Map.
>>> Working with On-screen Keyboard can take some time. But you will be fluent if you work on this more than 2 hours. Your fingers will automatically go on the right buttons after some time practice.
>>> Please make sure that the fingers you are using for every button should be right. Because the keyboard is designed to help you to make fast. If you do not follow fingers instructions then you will never be fast on keyboard. Please take help of Finger Tutorials from Youtube or Google Image Search.
>>>  If you are new typist then take a newspaper, book, etc. to start the typing. Just open a New Word Document and start typing.

If you have any problem with On-Screen Keyboard or with any font. Or you do not find any character just write it on the comment option. I am waiting to help you.. Thanks....

Friday, 23 March 2012

Text and Stroke in Gradient Color in CorelDraw

I have a font problem because I can not make it bold with bold option so I manually applying stroke on it but the main problem is, I want text and stroke in Gradient color.
I was confused how to do it, how to convert the text stroke into gradient color. I did it with CTRL+K, but that was not good. It was separating stroke and text. Then I tried some other keys like CTRL+Q. But there was also some problems. After working HALF AN HOUR I got the perfect ways to do it. If you also want to do just read this article....

  • Here we are taking a font which do not have BOLD option like; Kruti Dev 010, Hindi Fonts, etc..
  • We write some text on my document with TEXT TOOL.
  • Then, to make it bold we apply some stroke on it. (Apply how bold you want this text.) Press F12 and edit outline properties.

  • Then Select the text and press CTRL+SHIFT+Q. To break the text into OBJECT FORM.

  • Now again select the text and it's stroke (Both) and Click on WELD Option as shown in the image below.

  • This is done. Now, your object is done, you can edit it how you want.
  • Here I am repeating the all steps...
    Select then Ctrl+Shift+Q > Select then WELD > Hurray!!! It is DONE.

If you have any problem doing this please write in comment option. I will help you as much I can. Thanks for your time... 

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Devnagari Inscript Hindi Keyboard Layout

Devnagari Inscript (Hindi) Keyboard Layout
If you want to type with Inscript Keyboard then you do not worry to think about just read this post and you will know HOW TO TYPE WITH INSCRIPT KEYBOARD. How can you write with Hindi Unicode (Devanagari). How can you post your status on Facebook, Twitter, or other Social Networking websites, How can you write blogs in Hindi. How to write mail in Hindi. All this you will know if you will read this post. If you found any problem doing this.. then just comment on this post and I will solve it. Thanks...

Set up or Install Inscript language (Devnagari) in your computer. Here I am showing you Window 7 and Window Vista process, Window XP is more similar this. If you will read this you can set up in Window XP or others too.

  1. Go to Control Panel >>
  2. Change Keyboard or Other Input Method >>
  3. Change Keyboard >>
  4. Click on Add Button >>
  5. Click on Hindi (India) >>
  6. Add Devnagari Keyboard >>
  7. Click to Add the Press OK >> OK >>

Now your keyboard is done..

Add Input Language Window

Then HI will show in the right bottom of your task bar.
Click on it and change it to HI Hindi (India).

Language Bar on Taskbar

Now Open word document and DOWNLOAD Keyboard layout. Now take a newspaper, book or any document or page in Hindi and start to type. If you will type for one hour or minimum two hundred words you will know Hindi typing in Devnagari Inscript.
By doing this you can post your status on facebook, twitter, orkut in Hindi. You can write blogs websites in Hindi.


  • If you know any language typing in blind. (without watching keyboard) then you can learn Hindi typing in just two hour.
  • It takes patience, your mind will not work sometime but you need to concentrate and after one hour your problem will be solved.

If you want to type half characters like : क्या 

  • Then just type and press D (्) it will automatically convert to half K. Same in other characters.
  • Then if you want to write गर्व. Then need to right    ग  +  र  +  ् + व
  • Same in other case if you want to right अग्र. Then need to right   अ   +  ग   +      ्  +  र
There is more examples to type some typical characters of Hindi.
  • क + ् + ष = क्ष
  • त + ् + र = त्र
  • ज + ् + ञ = ज्ञ
  • श + ् + र = श्र
  • द + ् + ध = द्ध
  • द + ् + व = द्व
  • द + ् + य = द्य (We can not write dya as in Vidyalaya with inscript)
Read this carefully and you will understand this keyboard for other typical letters. It is the best and easy typing style from windows. Enjoy this.

To Purchase Hindi Keyboard Click on the below image:
Click to Buy Hindi Keyboard with Stickers

Friday, 2 March 2012

Parralax Scrolling in Web Design 2012

It is a great effect for online portfolios and design studio's websites. When your page scrolls the objecst (layered) move with different speed and it gives your website a dynamic 3D view. If you want see some website with this effect then click on these links.

Head to Heats


You enjoyed watching them?
Now if you want to do this to your webpage then you don't need to do special things just check this link and download the source file and change what you want to change. Your effect will be done.

Tutorial by Ian Lunn

Thanks for reading my article, if you have any problem using this parallax effect in your webpage then comment here. I will be thankful to give you the right solution.