Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Bleed and Slug in Indesign

Bleed and Slug is very important term of printing. We use them for risk free printing.
Bleed goes beyond the edge of the document after printing. It gives extra space for printer to account the movement of the paper.

In this tutorial we will talk about Bleed Setting in In-Design CS, CS2, CS3, CS4 & CS5. There are two options for Bleed and Crop Marks in InDesign.

1. To change bleed settings we follow these instructions:

Open File option and then click to "Document Setup". Now see highlight portion in the below image. Change settings for Bleed and Slug [Slug is used to give extra information to printer for printing. That information will cut while die-cutting. It is used when a designer or type-setter want to communicate with printer about document printing.] .

Document Setup Window
2. While exporting High Quality PDFs, we can change or set bleed settings.

After finishing type-setting, formatting and design when we export PDFs, we can setup Bleeds, Crop Marks, Slug, Registration Marks, etc.. Just go to File then Export for PDF [Press Ctrl+E directly and this window will show to you.] and check Crop Marks, Bleed Marks and other marks you want to use.
But don't forget to change standard to PDF/X-1a2001, otherwise your artwork will have an issue of Dark outlines of Images in PDF.

Exporting PDF in InDesign
Free Advise:
  1. In printing we set-up Bleed to give extra space for account of the movement of paper. In USA - 1/8 inch and in UK and Europe - 2 to 5 mm, in Asia most of the designers use 2-4 mm bleed. 
  2. We can not export the PDF directly from In-Design for Quality Printing. We have to publish Post-script (PS) and then use Adobe Distiller for high quality printing. 
  3. If we have used some transparent images or psds, please change your Standard as given in image above. It will solve Black Outlines Problem in pdf.
I hope now you know all about Bleed and Slug Settings in In-Design. If you have any problem related to Book-Publishing please write in comment option. I will be waiting for your response.
Thanks for your time...

Reference Website to Earn Online

In future I'm going to create a reference website to give illustrators, sketching artist, graphic artists, dtp operators and all other design studios better references of contents. I'm working as graphic artist and feeling that there should be one more website to give references which are not easily available on internet.
I will create website which will give you clipart, layouts, sample covers, advertising designs, sketching, painting. Every kind of work references you will get there.
I hope we will create that soon........

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Digital Art Tutorials: Inking in Photoshop

We can also use Corel Painter for Digital inking but mostly we use Photoshop for creating digital inking for printing. In photoshop we can do that with pen tool. Here you will know about this... step by step.

Step 1:
Open your sketch or the document for digital inking
Now adjust the level of your document for better selection of lines.
(If your inking lines are not clear or there are too much dark inkings)
To adjust the level press ctrl+L and now click and move these three buttons |highlighted with blue color|
level option in photoshop

Step 2:
Now select the pen tool and click on the option paths highlighted in the image below.
path option in photoshop
Then, click on the image and trace it how do you want with pen tool.
For the better results of inking on photoshop you have to study the pen tool and its movements. You should also practice on it for long time. By practicing you can trace typical to typical objects or drawings.

Step 3:
When you will complete your tracing then go to path option shown in the image below.
Step 4:
Now select the brush or pencil option by which you want to trace your art.
Select size and color of the brush.
Select the pressure of your inking.
Now press enter or fill path using this option shown image below.
You can also use this option for selection. It is so useful trick for selection.
I hope you understood this process.
Thanks for your time...........

You should also understand the use of CTRL and ALT command.

Monday, 26 September 2011

Graphic Design Interview Questions

I'm graphic artist, today I've completed 5 years of my experience. Today I'm working as senior graphic designer/visualizer. I have faced so many interview in last few years. Some interviews are so interesting I want to share some experience of my life. If you have any one please write here. It can help of your juniors....

Here is the list of questions to be asked for graphic artist interview.
There are two round in Graphic Designer Interview. One is HR Round and other to test your KNOWLEDGE AND SKILLS.

Quantitative Aptitude Test:

This test is so difficult for the persons who don't have good mathematics. It is half an hour test where you will get 15 to 20 questions of mathematics. You should prepare before this test. This is a QA test to calculate your calculation power and presence of mind. If you are good in math then you do not need to worry. Test is just for Visualizers, not for graphic designer or DTP Operators.

HR Round Questions:
  • Do you have online portfolio?
  • How much of total experience you have?
  • How much your relevant job experience?
  • What is your profile in your current job?
  • What kind of work you are doing in your current office?
  • Do you have print copy of your work?
  • Are you good with InDesign/Quark/CorelDraw/etc..?
  • What kind of company where you are working in?
  • What is your current package?
  • Do you have salary slip?
  • How much salary you expect?
  • What is your notice period?
Questions Related to Profile:
  • What is called the bleed?
  • What is cut mark?
  • Do you know about registration black color?
  • What is Normal Black?
  • What is spine?
  • What is folio? How many types of Folios are?
  • What is fraction? How many type of fractions are?
  • Do you know about Mathtype?
  • Are you okay with Mac?
  • What is your specialization?
  • Do you know Web Design?
  • etc...
Test on Applications:
After completing this they give you a job to do. They give you 2 or 3 hours job to judge your skills and experience. Like:
  • This is a 4 page brochure. This is word file where you can find your text part and this is folder where you can find images. Create a interesting Brochure using your skills and experience...
  • This is the name of company, the company is ...... (informations related to company).... please create a logo for this company.
  • This is a magazine. Create a layout for these two pages. Images and Text you will find in same folder.
  • Etc. etc....

This is all about I know about a interview if you know something extra please write in comment. I will update the post as you want... Thanks for your time

If you are looking for a good resume for you then read this post, it will help you do create a new standard resume/CV  for you.

Sunday, 25 September 2011

I Think I've Mistaken !!!

On 3rd September' 11, I realized that I can be a good boss and earn money. Because, all my friends want to work with me. Everyone told me that you should start your own design studio.
Then, I did leave my company and started working freelance. The reason was, I was not taking interest in my work at my last office and want to create something new all the time. But there was a problem, and that was output. They wanted everyday output... a good output.
So, My boss decided not to work with me and I thanked him and left the job. From 3rd September to 22 September I worked hard at my home with 3 or 4 professionals. But Today 24th September and I think that the train is not going on the right path. Every time it is moving backward, from where we started. Today everyone of my friend have changed their mind and not taking interest on my project.
I'm working hard to be my own boss. But, I'm experiencing a lot of things, which bosses face. Like, when you like someone in your company and he don't give you good output. He fools you, then how do you feel. Like when anyone commit to work with you till the last and when project is signed, he/she want to go in disco.
I know that which decision I've taken is too early. I've lot of things to know.
I also know that when we start any company then lot of problems we face which I'm facing. But I don't like to repent what is happening with me. I just want to work with my friends not for a boss. I just want to make my life easy and happy.
The problem is that all my friends associated with me want to be crorepati. But what I have learnt, that when you start a company, it means there are lot of things to taken care. Everytime you think about it. Your personal life affected by this. I have lot of things to do in next 6 months and I work day and night but I'm getting good results of this. I think that I'll face lot of problems in future and I'm ready for this.
I've decided that if I fail in this business then I'll do it again and again until I'll prove me right. I know that I'm new in this game but I don't feel bad when I loose. Because every time I loose and I learn. I'll play this again and again.
If you have anything to say to me please write here.................

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Character Map in XP/Seven

While typing or writing some text on Microsoft Office or any other DTP programs we come across many symbols that are used in the written material but could not be found on the keyboard. We wonder where to find it and it becomes more difficult if it is required in School & College Projects, Office Presentations etc. The answer to this is Character Map. With so many new applications being introduced everyday not much people are aware about it. In character map many symbols like ®, ¥, © are present which are not available on the keyboard. Look at the image given below and see for yourself what is special in character map.

 Character Map for Special Characters
Similarly, when you work on Hindi Fonts like Kruti, Chanakya, Walkman, Devnagari. There are lots of characters which are not available on your keyboard like Ú , Ë, «, etc. (as shown in image below)

Kruty Dev Character Map for Special Characters
If you want to type these kinds of characters then just go to run command of your system and write Character Map. Or go to programmes> accessories> system tools> character map> click. (as shown in image below)

Start> All Programmes> Accessories> System Tools
There are lots of special characters, like copyright signs, registered signs, alpha, beta, Gama. It helps you to work with books that are related to Math or science, advertisements, scientific work. So, if you want to type those characters you'll need this. 

How to work with Character Map:
Double Click on any character. The character will be shown in the blank space (front of Characters  to copy).
Then click on copy button  and now paste your character wherever you want.

How to change font in the Character Map:
You can change the font style according to your ease in character map. To change the font style, go to the option where font is written. Click on the small triangle shown in front of the font and select your font style.If you want to change font of character map. Then just change it on the top option where is written font.

Short key Help  with character Map:
There are lots of characters which have the special short keys to type with keyboard. If you want to have a look then click on that character on Character Map. The short key will be shown on the bottom options.
 Like: Alt+098,  Alt+123 etc.

Character Map in In Design: 
In Adobe In Design Software, when you will be working with Hindi font or want to type some special characters or signs. Just go to GLYPS option and you will get it all.

If  you wish to know more about character map or any other font problem just type your question here and I'll provide you the best answer.

Thank you for your time

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Image Retouching in Photoshop

Today everyone want to edit his/her photograph. Mostly when we use that on Facebook, Twitter or some other social websites. We want to look smart on our online profile. Today in this tutorial I am gonna tell you that how you can finish your photograph in Photoshop. It is a simple tutorial which will show you the method  to retouching/finishing/editing your photograph.
In photoshop we open our image and apply some effects on it. Like, blur/sharpness/hue & saturation/curve/level/etc.
First of all we adjust the lightning of image. We know that the mobile camera could not capture a good image if there is not proper lighting. So, we can adjust this lighting on photoshop by pressing ctrl+shift+L. By this command we can change it to dark to light and also light to dark. There are other options to apply to do that.
Watch the video tutorial to know more about this.......

I personally suggest that don't do that with your images. Because if someone  like you on facebook/etc. and want to be with you on date. On that time you will be unable to meet him/her. Becuase of this photo......
So, take it seriously and show what you are.. ACTUALLY.....
Thanks  for reading....

Hindi Keyboard in Window 7

keyboard option in window seven
Go to
All Programs
Ease of Access
On-Screen Keyboard
Options (written on the right-side of the keyboard)
After clicking on this option you can see the control  to change keyboard  settings.
If you have any problem then write here.  I'll create video tutorail for you.. thanks

Hindi Font Problems in CorelDraw | Indesign | Quark

If we are working on any hindi project; magazine, newspaper, book, advertisement or anything which have hindi script on it. We face some problems mentioned below:
  • Like, some characters are missing in font.
    There are some special characters in hindi font which are not available on every font of hindi script. If we talk about Kruti Dev and Chanakya, there we get every character. But it don't work with other fonts.
  • Character are not looking balanced in the font.
    When we work on some fonts of Kruti, there we find some problems of overlapping the character in a word. We can solve this by manual setting by pressing Alt+Right Arrow, means we can change the kerning but it is not a right way to work.
  • Some MATRAS are not working properly. They are overlapping with other alphabets.
  • Fonts have different keyboard options. When we change font, problem shows in the paragraph text.
  • When we send file to client, font show changed.
  • Font is looking corrupted, not looking and printing properly.
If you are having these kind of problems working with hindi fonts then don't worry there is a special font available in market which is good in every condition. There are some fonts which are doing good in printing. Kruti Dev, Chankya and Walkman Chanakya... I'm using these fonts from last five years and working well in hindi work.

My personal experience says that you should use only chanakya in your work. There are 14 fonts available in chanakya to stylizing your typography. It is paid font but the work you'll do with this is great in every aspect. If you will use it you will understand...
Thanks for your time and don't worry about problems because DTP is a hardworking job and there are lot of problems you will face everyday..........

Best Hindi Fonts

Detail Description
Kruti Dev 010: This is the most usable font for writing in Hindi language. But for the bold option in Corel and InDesign you have to use Kruti Dev 011. It creates problem with “ and ” for this problem we change it manually.
There is another way, we can give stroke of .1pt for changing it to bold.
Kruti Dev 021 is a good font for News Papers, Magazines, etc..
Kruti Dev 040, we can use this for headings, etc..
Utsah is a Devnagari Script (Unicode Font). We can use this font for online websites, article writing and for publishing material also.
Mangal: Widely used for online writing and publishing. Mangal is a Unicode script font. We can use it for everything.

This is very important to know about Hindi Fonts. There are lot of options like Kruti, Chanakya, Walkman, etc.. But only few fonts are able to be used. Best example is Walkman Chanakya and Kruti Dev and if you want to go for paid font then try Chanakya. Chanakya is the best font to work with. There are 14  different options  (different fonts) in Chanakya.
So, I'm completely favour of Chanakya. If you have heard about Summit Indica Company (who provide Chanakya Font : Paid Service), they are providing Chanakya to use in Window 7 or XP.
If you want know more about this font then go to ...... 

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Drawing Book Templates

Drawing Book Layout
If you want to create a double spread layout, then:
  • Size: Mostly we use wide-spread layouts for drawing books. The page size should be bigger because a child will colour on it. We can take 8.5x11 inch and more than it, if we create wide-spread layout then we take 11.5*9 inch. We take half inch margin for text and .2 inch for bleeding. Mostly, for a drawing books  we give bands in cut flash.
  • Colour: In drawing books we can use rainbow colours/ child-friendly colours. Here when we give instructions to child or teachers there we can create colored objects and stripes. We should take care of white space. 
  • Fonts: Comic sans, MV Boli kinds of fonts are child friendly. We can play with the placing of text in layouting. Size of the font depends that the text is for teachers/children.
If you want to know more about drawing book layouting then don't worry just type you question here and I will create a tutorial especially for you. Thanks for your time....

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Scanning - Colouring in Photoshop

  • Changing color mode of document
  • Tricks and Tips for selection and Fill Colour
  • Using Anti Alias in Colouring
  • Contigunias in Colouring
  • Using Pencil tool to Retouch Inking
  • Using Pen Tool or Path for Selection
  • Types of Coluring in Photoshop
  • Flat Colouring
  • Shade in Colouring
  • Texture Colouring
  • 2D Colouring
  • 3D Colouring
  • Using Actions in Colouring
There are topics related to Digital Colouring, if you want to know about any of it then tell me what you need to know

how to scan with photohop: Tutorial
Scanning with Photoshop Tutorial
Switch on the printer and attach with your PC or laptop. Now open your photoshop application. For scanning your sheet go to File > Import > Wia (Printer Name).
If your sheet is inked with pen, then select Black and White Color Mode, if you want to ink in photoshop then select Grayscale Mode.
Resolution of file should be 300 pixels/inch. Now select scan option and scan the document.

Friday, 2 September 2011

USB Port not Working on my Laptop or Desktop Computer

When we attach cable or device on the front port, time this problem shows when we use printer, pen-drive, ipord, iphone, mobile, or any other device. Mostly, this problem shows, when we want to do some urgent work. It shows hardware not support and we feel so bad.
When we face this problem we should change the cable or device and should try on another pocket of computer.
We should try back side ports if we are working on Desktop, because sometime our front ports don't supports...
If you facing this problem tell me your specific problem, write down here....
You should also update the software of cable or device, this could solve your problem..
Thanks for your time...